Lace wigs that you can swim by Basi Wig

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   Today I have one more tip for you. This time in partnership with Basi Wig, which is a site where you find wonderful wigs.
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   In order to find suitable lace wigs that can swim in, research if the piece can be exposed to water. Carefully consider the wig's construction and make sure there's a method of securing the piece to your head while swimming. To avoid damaging real hair while wearing the wig, look for good quality hair pieces that facilitate the drying process and lightweight hairpiece is easy to dry and feel well.

Hair Type
   Lace wigs that you can swim in are typically human hair wig. While wigs made from synthetic hair hold hairstyles better and feel lighter on the head, synthetic hair frizzes when exposed to water and allowed to dry unattended. The wearer must take immediate action to maintain the style. Softer, more pliable human hair wigs react like natural hair when wet. The pieces require no special treatment after swimming besides a rinse with clean cool or warm water asap.
   For maintain aesthetic quality for lace wigs that you can swim in, the hair is attached in a special manner. Regular wigs attach groups of hair to rows, also called tracks. These tracks stand out as the hairstyle shifts during heavy physical activity, including swimming. Lace wigs made for swimming attach individual hair strands to a mesh or lace type base, mimicking natural hair growth. The thin base also reduces bulk, making it easier to wear swim caps, etc.
   Lace wigs that you can swim in use adhesives to form secure head attachments. Available as separate purchases, three adhesives provide users with various lengths of effectiveness. Specially designated, medical grade beginner acrylic glue attaches wigs for a period of 1 to 10 days. Medical grade copolymer wig glue attaches pieces for a period of 1 to 6 weeks. Two-sided wig tape attaches a piece for 1 to 3 days. Allow adhesive to set for 24 hours before soaking in water.
   Lace wigs that you can swim in have the ability to be combed and blow-dried without damaging the piece. The wig can still be worn during the drying process. Allow the piece to air dry during normal activity in the sun or by sitting under a hooded dryer. Such drying methods are not recommended for regular wigs. The lace wigs must be allowed to air dry, undisturbed, on a wig stand. Intense heat can singe the hair strands immediately.
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Check out incredible models of wigs HERE.


How to apply clip in hair extensions

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   Today's post is in partnership with a site where you find varieties of hair extensions. Hope you like it! ;)
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   Are you a little baffled when it comes to clipping in your hair extensions? Unsure of where each weft should go? Fear not, we have a little guide ready and waiting for you which shows you how to apply clip in hair extensions. You'll have natural looking, luscious hair in no time.
   Unlike many other brands, our hair extensions wefts are numbered. This makes it super easy to fit your hair extensions as each weft is labelled with a number from one to eight. These numbers coincide with the Dirty Looks fitting guide which arrives with your hair extensions. You may also notice that our clips are made with silicone and have a rubber backing which helps prevent the wefts from sliding out of your hair, too. Safety first.
    First of all, brush through all of your hair with a paddle brush to get rid of any knots and tangles! You then need to section your hair at the nape of your neck and clip in weft number one near the hairline. Find the centre of the hair you have just sectioned and clip the middle clip of the weft into your hair, finish off by securing the left and right clip too! Also, if you have shorter hair at the nape of your neck and find that these make an appearance underneath your wefts, be sure to twist these and secure in place against your head with some bobby pins and clip your weft on top. This will help your hair extensions appear much more seamless and natural.
    Next, you'll need to section your hair from the top of your ear across to the other ear. For extra hold you can back comb and hairspray your hair before fitting the wefts in place - this is a super good trick for you gals with fine hair too! So, just like the previous step, find the centre, clip in the middle clip and finish securing the left and right clips. Repeat the same step by sectioning the hair and applying wefts three and four above one another.
    Okay, so once you have finished applying the wefts at the back of your hair, it's time to clip in the wefts for the sides of your head. Section the hair at eye level and clip in weft number five and seven on either side. Then section the hair again above the wefts you have just applied and clip in wefts six, eight, nine and ten. Wefts nine and ten aren't numbered and don't have to be clipped in, they are like added bonuses so if you want to use them you can, if not, that's cool, too.
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    Now you can visit the website and choose the hair extensions with great prices that combines more with you and your hair.


Wishlist TOSAVE 2.0

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   Se tem uma coisa que eu amo fazer quando estou atoa em casa é montar wishlist. E dando uma olhada no site da ToSave encontrei mais coisas que quero muito comprar. Então eis a minha primeira Wishlist de 2019.
    Entre meus favoritos, eu trago o Top de anjinhos que está super em alta no tumblr e instagram, e uma paleta com cores super vibrantes que é a cara do verão, e deve ser tão maravilhosa quanto a Unicorn Palette que recebi da ToSave ano passado e fiz resenha AQUI.

    If there's one thing I love doing when I'm at home is to mount wishlist. And taking a look at the ToSave website I found more things that I want to buy a lot. So here's my first 2019 Wishlist.
    Among my favorites, I bring the Top of Angels that is super high on tumblr and instagram, and a palette with super vibrant colors that is the face of summer, and should be as wonderful as the Unicorn Palette I received from ToSave last year and I did review HERE.
Top anjinhos $4.78 / R$15.72
Colar arco e flecha $1.52 / R$5.00
Kit de Pincéis $5.12  / R$ 6.84
T-Shirt dinossauro $6.43 / R$21.15
      Moletom Nothing $7.27 / R$23.91
Paleta de Maquiagem $6.52  / R$21.44

E aí, qual ítem da minha lista você curtiu mais?

So what item on my list did you like?
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